The land of poets and thinkers. The land of castles and palaces. A country full of exciting history, distinctive landscapes and rivers, pulsating cosmopolitan cities. Get to know the cultural flavour and pleasure in culinary enjoyment and cheerful relaxation – experience Germany at your own pace.

… depending on your imaginations – your private bath house or floating day dreams

Image: DZT – Francois Thierens

Make this lighthouse an exceptional travel destination for yourselves

Image: DZT – Francesco Carovillano

Come and explore this castle as part of your most innovative trip design

Image: DZT – Swantje Nickolay

Your travel reality reaches far beyond Ludwig II. Fairy Tale Castle

Image: DZT – Hans Peter-Merten

Have us put you on this train and take you to a surprise spot near by

Image: DZT – Francesco Carovillano

Scenic beauty for all your senses

Image: DZT – Jens Wegener

Sportive, sunny, refreshing, by bike or on skis – the magic of a snow experience

Image: DZT – Daniel Geiger